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Constitution - Croft Good Neighbours

The name of the organisation shall be Croft Good Neighbours hereinafter called the group.


The purpose of the group shall be to:


Membership of the group shall be open to any adult member of the community who wishes to join. Contributions from all volunteers will be recognised and valued.

Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected from within the group, by members of the group who attend the meeting where the elections are carried out. Re-elections will be held every three years.

A quorum shall be any four regular members of the group.


Shall be held on a regular basis and shall be well advertised and open to the whole community, taking place in venues that are accessible to wheelchair users. Minutes shall be taken of all meetings and made available to all members of the group and if requested by members of the community.


Changes to the constitution can be made on application to the officers of the management group by any four unrelated members of the group and should be ratified at an open meeting attended by a quorum of the group members.


The Treasurer shall:


The group will be dissolved with the agreement of a majority of the management group following an application by at least four unrelated members at an open meeting, attended by a quorum of the management group and open to all members of the community.

On dissolution, any outstanding funds shall be returned to the funders from whence they came or if these cannot be identified, used for charitable work within the community.